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15 February, 2018

Creating your Healthy Home

The average household can contain 62 toxic chemicals in the form of cleaning products and personal care products ( Only 7% of cleaning products are thought to actually disclose their content adequately (Environmental Working Group).

These chemicals are thought to be safe in small amounts but no testing has been done on repeated exposure from multiple sources. While a few products can cause immediate reactions such as developing a headache from the fumes, the majority can have a cumulative effect and can lead to long term health effects. Kidsafe has reported that 95% of all childhood poisoning incidents are caused by household cleaners and chemicals. Our children are also at greater risk of chemical exposure because they inhale or ingest more chemicals per unit of body weight, plus the fact that their immune and nervous systems are still developing, put them at greater risk for health issues (

Unfortunately the labelling laws for cleaning and skin care products is vastly different to products that we consume, which must label all their ingredients. Cleaning products are regulated to include the words dangerous, poison, warning or caution but does not mandate that all ingredients must be disclosed. Manufacturers also do not have to specify what the short and long term health effects from exposure can be. They do not have to disclose if the product contains carcinogens, neurotoxins or hormone disrupting chemicals despite the fact that many of them do!

One of the things I loved about Young Living when I joined is I no longer had to read the labels! If you don’t already have The Chemical Maze app consider downloading it…and plugging each ingredient into it to see what you have on your hands…chances are your existing cleaning products wont even have ingredients listed, sadly!

Once you know stuff…you cant un-know it…well at least that was what I found. I was horrified about what I had had around my children, unknowingly! I recommend as things run out make better choices when you replace them. I buy absolutely everything from Young Living now on my monthly order as I no longer have to read labels. I buy my skincare, makeup, personal care, toothpaste, all kids products, all cleaning products and my beloved essential oils. This hasn’t contributed to my household budget as I have done transfer buying…all the stuff I used to buy from supermarkets, health food shops, online, chemists etc I now buy each month from YL and I love it…everyone loves it. There are so many isles at the supermarket that I no longer go down!

The Healthy Home Starter Kit is one of the most popular ways that people like to get started creating a healthy home and purchasing it will create you a wholesale account and will give you 24% off for life! Its amazing value at $289!


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