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17 July, 2018

Honey Yoghurt

My cherubs adore this home made honey yoghurt that I have been making for years.

We are very lucky to live on a farm and we have a few Jersey house cows which we love…they are our pets and each has a very distinct personality. So we love making this with our raw A2 milk…however, you don’t need to own a cow to make this yoghurt. You can just purchase full cream milk from the supermarket and make it that way.

It is so simple to make thankfully because a batch wont last a week in our home. I have considered upgrading my Thermomix just for the larger bowl and thermoserver option but for now my TM meets all of my other needs.


Honey Yoghurt


  • 1.5L fresh full cream milk (preferable jersey if you have a local source)
  • 150g raw, unprocessed honey
  • 1-2 tsp vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
  • 180g pot set natural yoghurt (as your starter culture)
  • 4-6 Young Living's Life 9 Probiotics (optional)


Weigh the fresh milk into the thermomix (mine is really fresh like a few minutes old so I strain it through muslin first). Weigh in the honey and add the vanilla. Cook for 30 mins at 90 degrees on speed 3. This pasteurises the milk and eliminated any potential bacteria in the honey.

Tip into a large bowl and put somewhere safely out of reach of little children and allow the milk mixture to cool to below 37 degrees. It is very important that it goes below 37 degrees or it wont work. I use a digital themometre for accuracy. It usually takes about 2 hours to cool, but you can speed this process up by putting it in the fridge or freezer (but don't forget about it).

Once it is below 37 degrees, remove the skin and discard and tip the milk mixture back into the Thermomix. Add the yoghurt and the optional probiotics (I open the capsules and sprinkle it in).

Before you re-start the Thermomix, fill your kettle and boil it. Tip 2L of boiling water into your Thermoserver. This is just warming the Thermoserver. Once again please be careful that its safely out of reach of little helpful hands! Once the Thermoserver is warming return to your TM and cook for 20 mins, 37 degrees, speed 2.

As soon as the yoghurt is finished. Discard water in Thermoserver and dry with a tea towel. Tip yoghurt in, put lid straight on and allow it to sit somewhere undisturbed for 8 hours or so. You can start eating it before then but the longer you leave it the thicker it gets...within reason. I make mine in the afternoon and let it sit all night.

You will note that there is a small amount of liquid sitting on top of the yoghurt when you first open the lid. This is whey. It’s perfectly fine. We ate it with the yoghurt for the first 6 months but recently I have drained it off or scooped it out with a spoon (Thermoserver turned on its side slightly). Then just transfer into glass jars, refrigerate and enjoy!

A couple of notes:

  • When I first started making this I started with 150g honey which means its about 10% sugar....but I have gradually reduced it and my kids haven't noticed it. I will be happier with 75 - 90g honey as this will represent approximately 5% sugar.
  • Reserve 180g of this yoghurt as the starter for your next batch
  • Probiotics are optional

blog yoghurt jars

   Photo : Natanja Grün